Bangkok Found

Alex Kerr
H210 x W144 mm
No. of pages
316 pages


Evocative and incisive, Bangkok Found looks deep within traditional culture to discover how Bangkok is like no other contemporary city. It’s the book you read after you’ve seen the temples and enjoyed the nightlife – and then start to wonder where the mysterious appeal of Bangkok really lies.

With wit and a wealth of anecdotes from Kerr’s thirty years of experience in Thailand, Bangkok Found, sequel to his award-winning Lost Japan, takes you on a journey to the essential and the quirky, the factual and the mythical.

In this series of meditations on the city, old culture meets global fusion in the crossroads that is Bangkok.

The tourism authority promotes the city’s less noticed sights as ‘Unseen Bangkok’. Alex addresses another dimension: ‘Unthought Bangkok’.
Philip Cornwel-Smith, author of Very Thai: Everyday Popular Culture

Firm. Trustworthy. You can depend on this book. But while it gently massages your mind, be prepared for unexpected electric shocks.
Vithi Phanichphant, Professor of Chiangmai University

Behind the façade of Bangkok, hidden wheels are turning. An eye opener for Thais and foreigners alike.
Vasit Kasemsap, media expert