River Books


River Books regularly organizes book-related activities, including the biannual BangkokEdge Festival - Bangkok's first ideas festival, and an annual tour of the historic Chakrabongse Villas. River Books Shop and White Mouse Cafe are also accessible for book lovers who simply like to indulge in good books with a great cup of coffee.

Jung Chang speaks at the first BangkokEdge Festival (2016).

Outdoor concert at Museum Siam as part of BangkokEdge Festival.

Audiences attend a talk session on Disruptive Media at BangkokEdge 2020.

Narisa Chakrabongse leads the tour of Chakrabongse Villas.

Inside of River Books Shop where all of River Books' titles are available.

White Mouse Cafe is decorated with artefacts from Prince Chula Chakrabongse's racing team, White Mouse.