Thai Furniture

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Chami Jotisalikorn & Julathasana Byachrananda

230 pages, 270 x 280 mm
Hardback, over 250 full colour illustrations
ISBN 978 974 9863 51 0

This new and comprehensive tome is a complete source book on Thai furniture from its origins to modern day use. Thai Furniture is extensively ­­­­illustrated with full colour photos of rare and exquisite examples of traditional Thai furniture, including antique furniture from royal palaces and private collections that have never before been seen by the public or published in other books. Covering royal, religious, and household furniture, this book presents an in-depth explanation of the history and development of Thai scripture cabinets, day beds, chairs, altar tables, and the like, with descriptions on the various types of furniture within each category, taking the reader on a journey of discovery across time.

Comprehensively researched with historical documents, Thai Furniture is a valuable reference book for collectors and admirers of all types of traditional Thai furniture, and also features a beautiful section on antique furniture in contemporary use. The author goes into some of Bangkok’s most exclusive private palaces and homes and gives readers a glimpse of Thai furniture’s exotic beauty in a modern context.

Thai Furniture is written by internationally renowned author Chami Jotisalikorn, whose numerous books on style and design are sold worldwide in six languages and include Classic Thai: Architecture, Design, Interiors; the best-selling design series, Contemporary Asian Home and Thailand Chic.