Tears of The Truck Driver

Country Music In Thailand: Luk Thung, Maw Lum, Kantrum
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John Charles Clewley

240 pages, 240 x 170 mm
Paperback, over 240 illustrations
ISBN 978 974 9863 74 9

Tears of the Truck Driver is the first book in English on Thai country music, or ‘Pleng Luk Thung’, a genre of music that is popular across the kingdom. Rooted in the daily lives of the urban poor and rural peasantry, luk thung reflects the hopes, joys, pain and pleasure of truck drivers, maids, factory workers and rice farmers.

Tears of the Truck Driver takes the reader on a journey of discovery into the passionate heart of luk thung, from the early days of pleng talat, pleng phudee and pleng lae, forerunners of the LT style, to the emergence of legendary stars like Surapon Sombatchareon in the 1950s, the Golden Era of the 1970s, electronic luk thung of the 1980s, the luk thung Isaan and maw lum sing revolution, the 1990s luk thung revival and the current crop of LT megastars.

John Clewley is a former lecturer of Chulalongkorn University. He writes the ‘World beat’ column for the Bangkok Post and is the Southeast Asia correspondent/photographer for the UK-based ‘World Music’ magazine, Songlines, as well as contributing chapters on the music of Thailand, Bangkok, Laos and Cambodia for both the Rough Guide to World Music and the Continuum Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World.