English-Thai phrasebook
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192 pages, 102 x 145 mm
ISBN 978 974 9863 94 7

This brand new English-Thai phrasebook from Chambers is ideal for anyone wishing to try out their foreign language skills while travelling abroad. The information is practical and clearly presented, helping you to overcome the language barrier and mix with the locals.

Each section features a list of useful words and a selection of common phrases: some of these you will read or hear, while others will help you to express yourself. The simple phonetic transcription system, specifically designed for English speakers, ensures that you will always make yourself understood.

The book also includes a mini dictionary of around 2,500 words, so that more adventurous users can build on the basic structures and engage in more complex conversations.

Concise information on local culture and customs is provided, along with practical tips to save you time. After all, you’re on holiday-time to relax and enjoy yourself! There is also a food and drink glossary to help you make sense of menus, and ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the national or regional specialties.

Remember that any effort you make will be appreciated. So don’t be shy – have a go!