The Nagas

Hill Peoples of Northeast India

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Revised Editon
With an additional chapter: Connectiong to the Past
by Marion Wettstein and Alban von Stockhausen

The Nagas of Northeast India are radically different in culture and beliefs from the Hindu peoples of the plains. Renowned for their fierce
resistance to the British and their former practice of head-taking, the thousands of small Naga villages, perched on isolated hills, exhibit
significant differences, with more than a dozen mutually unintelligible languages and both unity and diversity in their dress and ornament.
Their vibrant material culture of textiles, basketry, jewellery, weapons and carvings is fully illustrated, while many documentary field photographs enrich this fascinating book.

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Julian Jacobs
H245 x W225 mm
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392 pages
Paperback, 700 illustrations 250 in colour