Celebration of the Gods

Denise Heywood
978 974 9863 40 4
H250 x W230 mm
No. of pages
144 pages
Hardback 300 illustrations with 208 in full colour


In Cambodia, classical dance is the quintessence of the country’s identity. An art form that was religious in origin, its traditions date back more than a thousand years to the great Khmer empire. Dancers performed in temples at Angkor and were the living embodiment of those celestial dancers carved on the temple walls.

The history of Cambodian dance, the relationship with Siamese costumes, the role of the French in introducing the dancers to the west, the Reamker epic from which many of the dances are drawn and the stories of dancers who survived the dark period in Cambodian history to revive classical dance today are all related in this fascinating and beautifully illustrated book.

Denise Heywood lived and worked in Cambodia for many years, making a special study of Khmer dance.