The Demon King and The Hermit’s Riddle

Timlin Bea
978 616 451 085 2
H210 x W142 mm.
No. of pages
280 Pages
10 illustrations Paperback


Catt and Rawin disappear while on a school visit to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and find themselves in a bewildering world of deadly demons and cunning monkeys. They are told by a friendly hermit that they are destined to help the good Prince Ram defeat the evil Demon King Totsakan, who has abducted Ram’s wife Sida. Until they succeed, they cannot go home to Bangkok.  They fight the demon hordes alongside Ram’s monkey army. The Demon King decides he has to kill them before they kill him. But Catt and Rawin discover to their horror that the Demon King imperils not only the world they have been trapped in, but their own as well. There is only one way they can fulfill their destiny.

A Ramayana-inspired fantasy fiction that sparkles with originality while nodding to the genre classics such as Narnia and Harry Potter, Totsakan ingeniously breathes a new, exciting life into the old tale, dusting off its aura of antiquity and giving young readers a parent-proof reason to stay up all night. – Kong Rithdee, cultural critic, writer and translator

A modern (almost sci-if) fantasy steeped in history and heritage, Totsakan takes readers on amazing adventures into other worlds, through the most fantastical means, and reawakens one’s interest in the Thai ‘Ramakien’ and the Indian ‘Ramayana’. It is so brilliant that Tamlin Bea’s book brings these epics back to life, and with so much imagination. – Catherine Napalai Faulder, writer, journalist and poet