Early Photography 1862-1962

Thweep Rittinaphakorn
978 616 451 067 8
H280 x W280 mm
No. of pages
240 pages
Hardback, over 320 illustrations


Unseen Burma showcases a collection of fascinating, and rarely seen, colonial and post-colonial photographs of Burma (Myanmar). With over 320 photographs accompanied by extensive and informative captions, this book unveils the lives and landscapes of a bygone era in a country once known as “the golden land”. When the British colonised Burma, they brought with them the latest technology in cameras and photographic reproduction and, since these were introduced to Burma as early as the middle of the 19th century, the country is richly catalogued and photographed. The new technology was first popularised by western practitioners (Germans, Italians, and, of course, British) and upper-class patrons but then spread to the mass market. Thai scholar Thweep Rittinaphakorn (Ake), has written and lectured widely on Burmese culture, whilst collecting an awe-inspiring group of photographs. Unseen Burma takes readers from the beginning of Burma’s colonial era through to the hopeful first years of independence on a stunning visual journey.

A rare and stunning photographic record of a bygone era from the personal collection of Thai scholar Thweep Rittinaphakorn (Ake).