Lacquerware Journeys

The Untold Story of Burmese Lacquer

Than Htun
H290 x W242 mm
No. of pages
380 pages


Lacquerware Journeys includes rare examples of lacquerware never - before documented which are complemented by beautiful illustrations.

This book is indispensible for the collector as well as a beautiful introduction for those new to lacquerware.

It includes the first ever publishing of local masters and names' and locality of production
Lacquerware Journeys focuses on unpublished tribal and regional lacquerware from previously inaccessible or remote areas of Burma. The author and photography team spent five years between 2005 - 2010 researching and traveling to visit peoples such as the Gadu-Ganan in Sagaing division, in order to find the most beautiful and rare lacquerware. Betel boxes and miniature wooden soon-okes (meal carriers) in plain black or red color are found within an area as large as five thousand square miles east to west between Banmauk and Homalin.

Other shapes are almost impossible to find, except for a few pieces transported from other regions in the last century or in recent decades. In addition, new research from Lower Burma focuses on and provides detailed information on the lacquerware masters of this region and their workshops. The lacquerware of Rakhine state on the west coast of Burma, its masters, their names and localities of their production are also published for the first time.