Kim Inglis , Photography Michael Freeman
H280xW260mm (Portrait)
No. of pages
192 pages
Hardback with Jacket


Thai Style is renowned throughout the world for its grace, form and colours, reflecting wider national culture. Whether pavilion-style architecture,elegant interior designs, innovative use of textiles and materials, today’s Thai Style combines cultural traditions with skilled craftsmanship and modern interpretations. These design forms have evolved into a 21st century paragon of design practice that is universally admired. Contemporary Thai Style — one that merges ancient practices with modern fashions, graphics and technologies is what this book seeks to showcase. Forward-looking designs — be they in architecture, furniture design, art, interiors or landscaping are featured in this exciting new publication. A number of carefully selected homes, resorts, hotels and residences from the north, through Bangkok, to the islands in the south are featured in New Thai Style — a cornucopia of all that is new and exciting in confident, thrusting Thailand’s design scene. Work from established and emerging architects and designers is featured as international culture vultures and collectors, hot hoteliers and developers lead the way with a 21st-century aesthetic, confident and contemporary, yet still distinctly Thai.

• Thai Style admired internationally for its charming and innovative use of textiles, furniture design, craftsmanship, colours and more
• A worthy successor and tribute to the late Luca Invernizzi Tettoni’s Thai Style published nearly 25 years ago* All new residences, resorts, urban hotels and retreats are included, showcasing new work and new design
• A design source for readers with a taste for the elegance of the Orient — wannabe home designers will get lots of tips for their own residences
• For visitors to Thailand, a top international destination for both luxury and adventure travel

Michael Freeman is one of the world’s master photographers, working principally on documentary travel reportage but with a huge reputation and following as author and originator of the bestselling The Photographer’s Eye and many of theworld’s most widely read and successful technical books on photography.In a long career, Michael’s work has been published in all major publications worldwide, including Time-Life, National Geographic, GEO and a three-decade relationship with the Smithsonian magazine. Much of his work has focused on Asia, beginning in the early days with Thailand, expanding outwards through other countries in Southeast Asia, including Cambodia, with several books published on Angkor and other Khmer sites. Many of his 20 photographic books on interiors and architecture are classics of the genre, including Shaker, In the Oriental Style, China Style, Frank Lloyd Wright the Masterworks and Japan Modern.

Kim Inglis is a British writer and editor based in Singapore. She has edited a number of books about Thai architecture, design and culture, and has featured a number of Thai locations in books she has written on the Asian region. Known for her work on design, architecture, interiors, food, spa and lifestyle, recent books include Singapore: World City, Bali by Design and The Classic Collection: Heritage Hotels from East and West.