The Secrets of Southeast Asian Textiles

Myth, Status and the Supernatural

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Ffifteen renowned scholars discover the meanings behind traditional textiles, which played an important role in concepts of power and kingship and are also closely associated with religioous beliefs.

The book represents research by leading scholars who participated in The James H W Thompson Foundation symposium in August, 2005. Authors include Diana K Myers (Bhutanese and Southeast Asian textiles) Gillian Green (Cambodian hangings), John Guy, Roy Hamilton and Robyn Maxwell (Indonesian textiles), Susan Conway (the Shan), Barbara and David Fraser, Vibha Joshi and Piriya Krairiksh (minority groups in Myanmar), Patricia Cheesman and Linda McIntosh (Laos), Leedom Lefferts and Suriya Smutkupt (Buddhism and textiles), Thirabhand Chandrachareon (Thai brocades), and Michael Howard (Tai peoples of Vietnam).

978 974 9863 38 1
James H W Thompson Foundation Symposium Papers Edited by Jane Puranananda
H275 x W217 mm
No. of pages
216 pages
Paperback with over 300 colour illustrations