Tribal Textiles From Southwest China

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Threads from Mistry Lands
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Philippe Fatin is a traveller, photographer and collector who has established a world-class collection of tribal textiles from southern China.

These exquisitely colourful, hand-woven textiles are highly prized by collectors and here for the first time is the most extensive collection of garments collected from tribes across southern China including the Bahai, Zhouxi, Xijiang and Gedong amongst others. The distinctive styles, colours and motifs from each are looked at in turn and the remarkable photographs allow the reader to appreciate the intricacy of each piece and the tradition prized by each tribe.

Profusely illustrated with over 320 colour illustrations, the book not only studies the designs themselves but shows the ceremonies the textiles are made for, the traditional weaving methods employed as well other ornamentations such as headpieces and fastenings. Dyeing techniques and other working methods are also discussed.