and the Rain Makers
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The last time it rained in the village of Karia was two years, six months, twenty-seven days and sixteen hours ago. When even the clouds start to disappear and a young boy called Solo loses his good friend Rabbit Cloud, he decides he must do something to help.

Together with a cat called “Fox”, Solo sets out to save his thirsty village and also his Grandma’s parched pot plant. But the Land of the Rain Makers is not easy to reach. First, they have to pass through the fearsome Coyote Mountains and the Never Ending Desert. Then,
they have to make it through the Land of Scary Signs and over the Great Wall of Stone. With such dangers to face, will Solo be able to bring water back to Karia? And will he find his friend Rabbit Cloud again?


Illustrated with beautiful scenes of imaginary worlds, this story (for children aged 8-12) draws on contemporary themes to tell a classic adventure tale of epic journeys, awesome battles and the incredible bravery of one young boy and his loyal companions.