Thai Silver and Nielloware


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Thai silver and nielloware display exquisite craftsmanship and design to rival better-known genres of silver from Asia. However, there has to date been little written about this fascinating subject. Examining the history and scope of specified Thai silver and nielloware production dating from the early 19th century to the present, as well as the various forms and designs utilised, this book provides a single reference source on the subject matter for both newcomers and seasoned collectors alike. 

The book focuses on the various artefacts broadly termed “utensils” and “vessels”, produced for utilitarian purposes, that can still be found for sale in the domestic marketplace, while rarer artefacts, collectibles and commemorative items made for the royal court are also discussed: such items were typically of the highest quality made by top artisans. The author considers the role of religious and devotional silver objects in Thailand, as these too have become popular collectibles. Although dating of Asian silverware generally remains problematic, the author provides dating indicators and the first published compilation of Chinese and other marks on silverware found in Thailand. 

Paul Bromberg, the author, is the serving editor of the
Journal of the Siam Society and a contributing editor to Arts of Asia magazine. Originally a Sinologist, he has been living in Asia since 1985, and has been resident in Bangkok since 1997.


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Paul Bromberg
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