Ceramics of seduction

Glazed Wares from Southeast Asia
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Ceramics of Seduction – Glazed wares from Southeast Asia provides an opportunity to see and learn about the broad range of wares, mainly glazed produced in kilns located in five countries of present day Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand and Laos. Each country developed a fascinating ceramics tradition that reflects the creativity of their people and the skills of their anonymous potters. To appreciate their beauty one should keep in mind the main characteristics of these wares: simplicity of form, earthenly qualities of the clay and glazes, and restrained decoration.

Ceramics of Seduction – Glazed wares from Southeast Asia illustrates some 280 pieces from the Francisco Capelo collection, assembled in the last 15 years and by whom a short foreword is included. This book is greatly enriched by an insightful essay by Dawn F. Rooney, an eminent art historian of Southeast Asia. Dawn F. Rooney, author of 10 books, of which five are on ceramics of the region, was an essential companion on the building of this collection and the present book. This is her fifth collaboration with River Books.