50 Year of Archaeology in Southeast Asia

Essay in Honor of Ian Glover

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This collection of essays in honour of Dr Ian Glover, who for over fifty years has been one of Southeast Asia’s most pioneering and leading archaeologists, offers a complete and up-to-date account of the main issues and debates on the region’s archaeology spanning the late Pleistocene to the early historic period. Aimed at both the specialist and general reader alike, this volume discusses issues ranging from food subsistence management, technology transfer and long-distance exchange, to social complexity and political and ethical debates that are today an important aspect of Southeast Asian studies.

The contributors tackle topics such as hunter-gatherers and early agriculture in East Timor, burial traditions in Thailand and Sarawak, the development of early states in Vietnam and Sulawesi, craft production and exchange stretching from India to the South China Sea, issues of post-colonialism in Laos and the creation of world heritage sites throughout the region.

Following in Dr Ian Glover’s footsteps, this volume represents a comprehensive and essential collection of essays by Southeast Asia’s leading archaeologists actively researching in the field today, making this book a tribute from some of his closest colleagues, friends, and former students.

978 616 7339 02 3
Edited by Bérénice Bellina, Elisabeth A. Bacus, Thomas Oliver Pryce & Jan Wisseman Christie
H232 x W170 mm
No. of pages
320 pages
Paperback, 129 colour photographs, 21 maps and 12 plans