Bangkok's Chinatown

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Chinatown is one of the last islands of authenticity in a city frequently ravaged by the developers’ wrecking ball. It is place where the visitor can still connect with the past, where the aroma of history, sometimes almost literally, permeates the atmosphere, the buildings, the light.
Yaowaraj is a photographer’s journey to the heart and soul of Chinatown, the result of long meanderings, often at night, over a period of ten years. Seeking to evoke Chinatown as much as to describe it, well as recording some of the classic sites, the book will ask the viewer to consider the area’s unconventional beauty: its writhing metallic mounds of spare parts, its chaoatic and crumbling interiors, the gruesomeness of its raw meat markets, its musty moodiness and the mysterious appeal of its sombre alleys and courtyards.
Yvan Cohen is a politics graduate from London’s School of Oriental and African studies (SOAS), who first moved to Thailand in 1991. Since then he has pursued a career in journalism and photography that has included coverage for wide range of international publications including Time, New York Times, AsiaWeek and many others
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Yvan Cohen
No. of pages
160 pages
H230 x W250 mm
120 colour photographs, paperback